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Yemen: The Worst Food Crisis in the World

The civil war that broke in 2015 and lasted for 18 months in Yemen, killing about 10,000 people, has now actually driven the country to a state of famine, where there is a severe crisis of food.

The citizens, including children, are dying of hunger due to the unavailability of food during the drought. Many others are in critical need for food to stay alive for just a day longer. This is the current condition in Yemen. If humanitarian help does not become available, they probably won’t survive any longer.

Food and supplies fail to enter the country

One of the main reasons for this crisis is that food and supplies cannot enter the country. There are internal conflicts among the people of Yemen, some are protesting against it and blocking the way of food containers into the country, while others are welcoming it but cannot get it in time as the party assigned to it delays the delivery for several odd reasons. There is politics over the funding from the nations like the United Kingdom and the United States, politics over the distribution of the funds and blocking the path of the sea-containers and closing and destroying the sea-ports to boycott the foreign goods is also causing a big problem. As reported by Saudi sources, the Houthi rebels were the ones who blocked the passage of goods containers to Yemen, while also using the ports and ship stations as a military base to import ammunition and guns to sustain their rebellion.

Teenagers suffering from Malnutrition

These things were not so widely known and one of the hot topics in world news, until the photographs of teenager Baghili got viral on social media and news channels broadcasted it everywhere. The photo showed the situation of teenagers in the country and how they are suffering from malnutrition and presumably dying. Surviving has been a challenge for youngsters, senior citizens, children, and everyone else in recent days. If this situation continues, then the prediction of an imminent famine could soon come true.

Not Only Food But Water Scarcity Too

The level of poverty is so high that the capital city, Sana’a, has been forecasted to run out of water soon. Moreover, only about 40% of the city’s inhabitants are connected to the water supply, and the tap only pours out some water every four to five days or sometimes even a week. The situation is worse in the city of Tiaz, where the people are blessed with fresh water only once in a month. Along with all the water scarcity, the people of Yemen are also victims of political corruption and terrorism, including the ISIS and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular region.

Considering all these factors, the UN has warned that, if nothing is to be done, the situation could lead to a famine within the year. We are hoping that powerful countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Russia and the adjoining Arabian countries will come out with a good plan and execution to maintain law and order in Yemen, and restore the life back to normal.

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