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Who is Marco Rubio?

Marco Rubio is not the typical person’s image of a Republican Presidential candidate. He for one is one of the only minority candidates for the Republican party at this time (the other being Dr. Ben Carson).

He is also one of the younger candidates for this election, at 44 years old. Is Marco Rubio one of the better options for Republican nomination? Could he be the Republican Party’s answer to balance out the more radical candidates such as Donald Trump? Rubio’s youth and more balanced conservatism could be the answer in the face of more radical candidates such as Mr. Trump, but does he really stand a chance in the presidential race among all of the louder and possibly more popular candidates?

The Historical Part

Here’s a little about Marco Rubio for the newcomers, to give some background into who he is as a person and his past political leanings. Rubio is a Cuban-American Senator for the state of Florida, where he has served as senator since 2011. He got the seat as senator with strong support from the Tea Party, but has since fallen from popularity for a few of his stances that they disagreed with; for example Rubio was in favor of the NSA and supported arming Syrian rebels. While he retains the support of the Republican Party for the most part, he lost a good portion of his support among the Tea Party. Rubio is also heavily in favor of a reform of the current immigration policy, which has met with mixed support Republicans and Tea Party members alike. Rubio for the most part stands with many of his Republican Party members on most other issues of policy. Let’s go ahead and look at the policies that Rubio supports, and that’ll give a better idea about his chances for office.

Global Climate Change

This one is a bit of an odd stance, for sure. Rubio does not believe that human activity has anything to do with global climate change. As in, he believes that humans don’t really have an effect on the global environment. Rubio has said that he would overturn some of the stricter bans on coal power and bans on the export of crude oil. Rubio has said that he “believe(s) it’s in the common good to protect our environment, but I also believe it’s in the common good to protect our economy.” While it is true that our economy needs to be protected, the environment is a one-time deal. If that gets destroyed, that’s it. We only get one of those. The League of Conservation Voters has awarded Rubio with a 9% score for environmental issues.

Higher Education

Marco Rubio is in favor of expanding apprenticeship programs and vocational training, thus giving more options to people that want jobs that do not actually need a college degree to obtain. Rubio also supports a bill called “Student Right to Know Before You Go Act,” which requires colleges to fully disclose how much the student could be expected to make after college, thus allowing students to make more informed decisions about how much debt they should actually take on.

Another program that Rubio has mentioned is a plan that allows students to attract investors, who would assist in paying for the student’s college, in return for a portion of student earnings later. This plan seems to have both benefits and downsides; the jury is still out on how good of an idea this plan is. However, it does seem far preferable to $20,000 of student debt AFTER school. Rubio wants to create a new standard of accreditation for schools, and plans to do so 100 days after he enters office as President.
Mind Your Own Business

Rubio is a huge fan of businesses that are more privately regulated, such is Uber and AirBnB, which he believes help the economy and has spoken against New York City’s efforts to try and regulate those businesses. Rubio has said that as president that he would cap business regulation on the part of government. Rubio also opposes the Net Neutrality Act, as he believes it gives the government too much control over the internet.

And Healthcare…

And then there’s everyone’s favorite topic… Healthcare! Rubio plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act, instead using an up-front tax credit to pay for healthcare. Under such a plan there would also be federal and state-funded money available for people with pre-existing conditions, so they also would have coverage.

So… What Now?

Most of the positions that Rubio holds are not that much different from the other candidates in the Republican Party, and a few of his positions will probably not do him any favors later in the presidential race, such as his stance on climate change. With Trump currently leading the polls, he may not have the sheer numbers to take the party.

But something that Rubio does have is care for the lower-income people of the United States. Since Rubio came from a lower-income family, he has genuine compassion for poor families and single mothers making minimum wage. Rubio believes that the Republican Party has not done enough to help people that really need help. Could Rubio’s stance on lower-income and single parent families be what swings his vote? We do need to pay more attention to people with nothing. And maybe his real care for real people of the United States will be enough to turn his vote. Only the votes will tell!

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