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Water Crisis in Pakistan: Another Perspective

Water is the factor that denotes life. We are living here on Earth due to the fact that almost 70% of the planet has water. Following Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” postulate, the countries have designed the mechanisms that can help conserve water for the coming years. It is said that the 3rd World War would be fought over water. There is already a water crisis in Pakistan

It is, unfortunately, among the countries which are facing dire water scarcity issues, a full-fledged water crisis in Pakistan. The survey conducted by authorized sources of water conservation and reservation, such as the UNDP, remarks that Pakistan is buzzing towards the state of being a water scarce region. Experts fear the drying up of water reservoirs in the coming 8-10 years. These experts further denounce the local policymakers convicted for the issue and not any other neighboring country as such.

The solution for the Water Crisis in Pakistan: Dams?

The partition of the subcontinent in the year 1947 was fair and just, at least on papers. But, greed and lust are not just by the way stated as heinous crimes. They do engage the human race (especially) in the practice of cruel deeds. India, being a victim of greed, unjustly occupied the land of Kashmir, which was decided to be divided between the two countries as per the residents’ will. It took control of the water resources of the region as well. From then, India has made a number of dams and other water reservoirs in the occupied Kashmir.

Before 1960, the water crisis in Pakistan and India was a hot topic but the United Nations (thankfully) mediated and propose the Indus Water Treaty, which has survived even 2 military fights and other disputes of lesser value. It proposed that the Western rivers (Indus, Jehlum, and Chenab) would become Pakistan’s property and the other Eastern parts (Ravi, Sutlej and Beas) would fall under India’s jurisdiction.

But, we cannot solely blame our neighboring country for the water crisis in Pakistan. It is actually our own fault. The country’s policymakers haven’t been able to devise an efficient water reservation scheme yet. Yes, building dams is indeed an effective way for to conserve water. It must, however, not get sacrificed for the political cause. Pakistani politicians are still stuck in the ‘to be or not to be’ dilemma for the Kaala Bagh Dam construction. This dam will serve the whole country and not only the province where it would be constructed. We will be able to save the water which is poured on us in the form of rain and also the flood water, which goes wasted due to the a lack of efficient water saving plan.

Water IS Life

We should also look into the issue of the current practice of water usage. Almost 90% countries of the world have tap water system for water usage, which ultimately contributes to the water crisis in Pakistan. It was centuries ago when there wasn’t any tap water system. People used to consume water as a precious blessing and not as a granted one by means of buckets and other utensils. The taps and showers are bad sources of water usage. They do nothing but abet water wastage.

But, the disease discussed above is not an incurable one. We can still tackle the problem easily through an efficiently devised plan to save water. Recycling water on smaller and larger scales should be encouraged. Foremost, we need an honest leadership to grapple with these problems through a well — managed stratagem. We don’t need any enemy from the outside to destroy us, usually, it’s the viper that is nourished in our own bosom. These frenemies should be flushed out by following an immediate plan of action, pun intended. Otherwise, we will not be able to resolve the water crisis in Pakistan.

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