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Violence Against Women: Emma Morano and her Recipe to Orange the World

Orange the World is a campaign initiated by the UN to invest in order to stop violence against women. But do you know how this lady Emma Morano did so? Instead of investing in others, she started to invest in herself. The very dear life that we often take for granted should never be left unattended. She recognized this part and ended her abusive marriage before it ended her. This lady makes us feel that we can beat all the crap by all means, and say no to abuse.

If silence was so special and an awesome recipe to cure all of mankind’s problems, then life wouldn’t have survived. Life demands hustle, but constructive hustle, not the destructive kind. Handle with care, as it is fragile, is the title of life. But when demanded it can prove to be of utmost strength based on the spirits we cherish. It’s why we have to commend Emma Morano to take a stand against violence against women.

Violence against women is a subject always talked about, however, never addressed at the core. When implementation stops, all ideas are immersed in ruins. 1 in 3 women around the globe has experienced violence. This act not only shatters our minds but exposes us to mental tensions that shorten our life and ability to live as a joyous citizen.

Violence Against Women is Real and Concerning

We always take our life f granted, and do not understand that we are exceptional creations on this planet with amazing minds and sound bodies. Every gender is important. There is no superiority or inferiority based on this. Every person is special, and to feel special we have to act so. Life is a one-time thing and wasting it while being subjected to violence is not only an offense made to the person who commits violence but also to the one suffering the menace silently.

Why silently suffer violence against women when you are born to speak? Emma Morano understood this point from the start and made the promise to invest in herself by realizing the worth of her life. She was the world’s longest living person. She achieved this status by following a prerequisite for any relationship to retain, which is to immediately not withstand any form of violence. Emma Morano left her violent husband in 1938 after their son died in infancy.

Violence Against Women is not Happening in a Bubble

Violence against women is a gross violation of human rights as it devastates our life. Suffering, pain, illness and even feeble economies are its end products. It declines national budgets in the form of income loss and productivity ratio. To explain this, let us consider the example of Vietnam where the cost of domestic violence was lowering the GDP by 1.4 percent in the year 2010.

No matter where you stand, you can curb violence against women, this evil, poisoning your life. Even today, there are still many women who are not able to recognize that it is their right not to face violence from their partners, and they tend to decline it passively. This is actually similar to slow poisoning. So one must never stop the fight against the cancer of violence. Women of the world, if you can, get help. Look up to Emma Morano and try to step in her footsteps to break the vicious cycle of violence against women.

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