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Trump Vs. The World

When anyone looks at Trump’s campaign or he comes up in conversation anywhere in the United States, there will almost always be one of two responses: either the learned conversationalist will talk about how much benefit they see in Trump’s campaign and how he will change elements of American culture, and how we need to shut people out of America until further notice.

However, the other side of the equation for conversation comes from the people that make immediate comparisons to Hitler and talk about how Trump will ruin any vestige of tolerance in the United States. As with almost anything, the truth lies somewhere in between these two points of view.

And that’s not the biggest problem. Trump’s statements can come off as disturbingly nationalist to anyone that pays any attention to the political sphere of events. His call for a “total shutdown of Muslims entering the country” does not exactly endear the United States to other countries of a primarily Islamic sway. Treating someone as a toxic threat is honestly more like a self-fulfilling prophesy; if you treat someone like they are a bad guy, then they’re gonna be a bad guy to you. And treating Islamic countries like toxic sources of bad people will make them angry. Especially if they have not actually does anything to actually do harm to us.

Also, the idea that shutting down the country to private citizens who want to enter the country that also happen to be Muslim reeks of religious discrimination. If a country was to call for a complete and total ban on all Christians entering their country, there would be huge outcry from a whole lot of people. Refusing entry to people just because of their religion is neither just, nor right. The impracticality of such a move is also something fun to talk about: most countries don’t put the religion on the passport. In a few more Islamic countries (Like Pakistan for example) the religion is a part of the passport, but this is less typical, especially in Western countries.

American the Beautiful and Homogenous

“Making America Great Again” has never been possible without refugees and immigrants. Most of the people that came to America in the first place to make it the place that it is today were immigrants of some type. One of the great American Symbols, the Statue of Liberty, was a worldwide symbol of freedom and the pathway to starting a new life. If we take that from some people, they may never have the lives that we take for granted every single day.

Trump’s stand on making America a self-sufficient nation is not a plan that will work forever. For starters, so many of the innovations that Americans have come to love have come from other countries in the first place. Most of the US space program scientists were Germans who wanted protection from the German government. Not unlike the Syrian refugees that have been so crucified in Trump’s campaign, among others. The idea that America is for Americans only is not a sustainable idea, and it is the idea that truly has been behind dictator-driven countries such as Nazi Germany and North Korea.

But Is He a Hitler-type of Leader?

Now, in all fairness to Mr. Trump, the Hitler comparisons are in many ways groundless. He called for a complete shutdown of Muslims to enter the United States, which is not a good idea. However, he never said anything about rounding Muslims up in a camp and holding them prisoner. Trump has said that he disagrees with the concept of internment camps, such as the ones that President F.D.R. authorized for Japanese-Americans during World War II. So rest assured, people of the Muslim faith: you will not be rounded up and imprisoned.

The Good Points (Yeah, There Are a Small Handful)

However, a few of Trump’s points about America’s foreign policy do have definite merit. One of the main driving forces behind his desired shutdown of Muslim entry into the US is the concern that we just don’t know how to do background checks properly. Daesh has agents that they have been training for years, and who have no criminal records in the United States or anywhere else. These radicals have the opportunity to get in the US without setting off any alarms, and potentially hurt a lot of people. The idea that people could easily get in the US and cause havoc without any warning is for sure a cause for concern. However, a complete shutdown is most likely not the answer, as the people that pay the price are Muslims with no evil intent towards anyone at all.

So… The jury is still out on many issues. One of the main reasons that Donald Trump has stayed so high on the Republican polls is that he is a different sort of candidate than we have had before. He is one of the few “celebrity” figures to have run for president, and his experience in businesses and his knowledge of economics and finance cannot be denied even by people that hate everything about him. But do those skills make a great government leader? As of now, the signs seem to point to no. And the people of America need to realize that flow of ideas between countries was one of the reason that this country is great. The answer to American problems is a multitude of opinions and backgrounds, not just being “All-American.”

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