Aquifers: Pollution and Depletion

Water makes up for about 70% of Earth’s surface – this is a well-known fact. What is often overlooked is the fact that out of all that water, only 2,5% accounts for fresh water. The larger amount of fresh water remains solidified (ice) or trapped underground and is often accessed using Aquifers. This means that only 0,3% of fresh water can be found in rivers, lakes, etc.
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Mass Surveillance

Mass Surveillance and You

Mass surveillance is something we often hear about in passing; the topic seems to be pushed aside by other news stories and events all too often. We allow governments to indiscriminately surveil their whole population to, seemingly, prevent terrorism and other crimes. And we have seemingly convinced ourselves that this is the right thing to do. That this is the way to ensure our safety alongside our rights and freedoms.

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Private Prisons Business Model

Private Prisons: A Business Model

In America, there are over two million people in the American prison system. Many companies such as GEO Group, and The Corrections Corporation of America, make vast amounts of money with having private prisons filled. These 3rd party prison’s intentions are not for the rehabilitation of the inmates, or reducing crime, but rather to create profit.
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GMO: A Never-Ending Nightmare

GMO… for some, these three letters are as terrifying as a Great White Shark swimming towards them at top speed and for others, they’re the solution to the world’s food supply problem. It’s 2016, it’s been nearly two decades since GMO made their first appearance, and not only are they still controversial, they’ve also taken control over an integral part of our agriculture.
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Reality of War

The Realities of War

In every aspect of life, there tends to be a desire to have others see things from our own perspective. If this would be the case, then, in theory, we would all share the same views and opinions about basic values, uniting for common goals and building stronger economies and a more united human world instead of waging war. But, this is not the case and as such, our differences in wants and needs, political inclinations of self-serving leaders, and mutual disrespect has always been the bane of all wars.
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Why are Bird Populations Plummeting

Why Are Bird Populations Plummeting?

Why are bird populations plummeting? – This is a major question that must be put in the spotlight. It is an emerging issue in today’s world where every human being is running in the race for development and technology, without caring about the negative effects of our development on nature, natural resources and especially on the animal habitats of this planet.
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Industrial Deforestation

The Environmental Impacts of Industrial Deforestation

The desperate need of land for agricultural purposes, urban development, and industrial expansions is bringing untold adversity upon our planet and threatening our continuous existence. Industrial deforestation is harming our globe in more ways than you might know.
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Industrial Pollution

The Hazards and Impacts of Industrial Pollution

In the early 90’s, with the start of the industrial revolution, people started to think differently. Science became more advanced and technology developed swiftly. At that time, industries were at a small level and consisted of the factories that produced carbon emissions as the main pollutant. While industrial pollution wasn’t a big topic back then, we can now accurately assess how harmful it all turned out to be.
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