The First Girl Summit

Many girls – some as young as two years old – undergo female genital mutilation every year, depriving them of their basic human rights and subjecting them to a huge amount of pain during an age where they should be experiencing fun and innocence; and the word ‘many’ refers to around 98% in some countries.
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Recently we covered the Nigerian kidnapping of the 200 schoolgirls. While in the midst of exam time a boarding school was invaded in the middle of the night, security and police offers were killed in the stampede and the gang found a large group of girls in the dormitory. They gathered the more than 250 girls at gunpoint and loaded them into a truck before fleeing into the forest.
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Women, Sex Stereotyping

Sex Stereotyping: No, Women Don’t Have It Great Yet!

A common remark I hear men utter, both in casual conversation and in politically geared conversation, is “women have it so good these days.” I then hear them talk about how women get to enjoy taking men’s money in a divorce, “fleecing” men on child support, and other inane excuses about why women have it so much better than men do. At times, I even hear them talk about how women are waging a “war on masculinity” in the West. All I can wonder is how they can be so ignorant of the statistics of what it means to be a woman. Let alone the anecdotal evidence of how life can be as a female in the West.
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