Menstruation in India

#HappyToBleed: Menstruation Taboo in India

Menstruation; that regular 4-7 days occurrence in every woman’s life that makes her a woman, from a girl; is often accompanied by a peculiar disgrace associated with it. Even the people with so claimed modern and developed mindsets refuse to talk about it, or embrace it openly.
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White Ribbon 2015

In honor of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, the Campsie Police and the City of Canterbury Council in Australia invited their community to the White Ribbon Day march, and to share the message ‘there is no excuse for abuse’.
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World of Witchcraft 2015

“She’s a witch! Burn her!”

These words from the enduring Monty Python movie “The Holy Grail” are unfortunately not a joke to many people around the world. Witch hunts are often see as just a thing of the past, a sad chapter in the history of the United States during the Salem Witch Trials. But sadly, all too many people, especially women, face the very real possibility of being killed for their perceived witchcraft.
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Thin Shaming is Not Body Positivity

Thanks to the wide influence of social media, it’s become more and more common that people gather up the courage to stand up to bullying of all sorts. This is why the body positivity movement has blossomed so quickly and has empowered many people to love their bodies and accept themselves the way they are. We can now bring to attention how under-privileged groups are being oppressed on a daily basis and educate more people into joining the movement.
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