China Artificial Islands

Artificial Islands in China: Fake Islands, Real Weapons

After World War II, the U.S emerged as a superpower; a nation bent on ruling the world. Dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan, killing thousands of innocent people, created a sense of alarm and threat among the other countries. It caused a fear to lose their sovereignty not only before the U.S but to any other country. This is the story of artificial islands in China.
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Reality of War

The Realities of War

In every aspect of life, there tends to be a desire to have others see things from our own perspective. If this would be the case, then, in theory, we would all share the same views and opinions about basic values, uniting for common goals and building stronger economies and a more united human world instead of waging war. But, this is not the case and as such, our differences in wants and needs, political inclinations of self-serving leaders, and mutual disrespect has always been the bane of all wars.
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What They Took With Them

Cate Blanchett, Douglas Booth, Peter Capaldi, Jesse Eisenberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Neil Gaiman, Kit Harington, Keira Knightley, Juliet Stevenson and Stanley Tucci perform the rhythmic poem ‘What They Took With Them’. You can sign the #WithRefugees petition here.
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The Jihadis Next Door

Since 1982, it can be said that Channel Four has been at the forefront of reaching its audience through a dynamic, innovative approach towards telling the full story, yet this often means that touchy and controversial issues have to be addressed at the same time.
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myanmar rohingya muslims

Rohingya Muslims Genocide: Ignorance at its Finest

Abhorrence in ignorance. A truth we have managed to disregard, in consistent harmony, around the world since the dawn of civilization. One may witness an oblivious state of being towards the genocide of Native Americans as Christopher Columbus stands well known to this date. A holiday in his name and, surprisingly, a following of deranged ignorant illiterates that still herald his name in joyous recognition. The father of a nation. A blood riddled past holds insignificant weight in the eyes of people that choose to live in ignorance. Human existence all over the world is, sadly, no different.
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Is Burundi Sliding Back to Civil War?

The Belgians’ Burundi colonies were the first people to set-up a platform for the future political violence in Burundi. After the Belgians observed the differences between the Tutsi and Hutu community, they acted in favour of the Tutsi, while the Hutu were subjected to hard labour. In 1933, racial identity cards were issued, to identify them as Tutsi or Hutu, and a small percentage of Twa.
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