War on terror in Pakistan

Pakistan and the War on Terror

Pakistan’s role in the war on terror, which had been recognised by the world until the last US government, has suddenly turned into a question mark in President Trump’s era. The power shift in the United States has certainly brought a policy shift in Afghanistan in general and towards Pakistan in particular.
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Introducing Terrorism: A History of War and Suffering

Terrorism is one of the major keywords that define our 21st century. Whether we turn on the TV, listen to the radio, browse the internet, or even check out social media platforms, terror seems always to be the center of discussion. It has sadly become a normal sight to see or hear about terrorism victims all over the world on a daily basis, so normal, that we count our dead by numbers, and we are seldom not sensitive to the numbers displayed.
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Colombia: Everything You Need to Know About the FARC Peace Treaty

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) is an extremist group of self-proclaimed Marxist-Leninist guerrilla soldiers. They’re known as terrorists not only by their own country, Colombia, but also by most civilized countries around the world. The FARC has been a part of the Colombian armed conflict ever its started back in 1964.
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UN - United Nations

United Nations: An Attempt to Oneness, 70 Years Into Time

The United Nations is a widely known international regulating body since after the World War II. It has aimed for better alliances among member countries in order to eradicate war and promote a more humane society across the globe. However, 70 years into its existence, it has met huge challenges as well as achievements. But after all, has it actually championed its original goal of uniting countries to forbid the recurrence of war and to improve the quality of life everywhere?
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