9 Things The Media Won’t Tell You About Venezuela

We have seen a significant amount of stories related to Venezuela and its current state of affairs in the news lately. The country is in turmoil due to corruption, poor economy, violence and a lack of resources. The citizens of Venezuela are without food, electricity, and medicine with the situation not seeming to clear up anytime soon. The media is flooded with heart-wrenching stories regarding Venezuelan politics and downturn; but it is also important to acknowledge other aspects of Venezuela, the good, the bad and the ugly.
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venezuela houses

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Venezuela

After asking 20 teenage boys and girls inside a classroom in Panamá what they knew about Venezuela, I decided to write this article. I felt sad and almost ashamed of the image my country has taken inside their minds. A picture based on what they see on TV and what they listen to from the thousands of Venezuelans living in this country now. Not a beautiful picture to be honest.
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Venezuela referendum

Plebiscite: What Does That Word Mean in Venezuela?

Sunday 16th of July. The Venezuelan people have decided to go and express their disagreement with Maduro’s administration through a local referendum, the Constituent National Assembly (ANC in Spanish) and their desire to go through an election process to reestablish the constitutional power in the country. For the government, it is an act of treason!
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