International Court of Justice The Hague

International Court of Justice: A Bureaucratic Hoax?

In a century in which human rights have passed from being somehow of a proselytist fallacy to being the core of the global political debate, international tribunals couldn’t be out of the discussion. This begs the question: Is the International Court of Justice a productive institution or a bureaucratic hoax?
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Lake Chad Crisis

The Lake Chad Crisis: Urgent, Complex, and Almost Completely Ignored

#In the first world, we generally understand our privilege when compared to many other countries. We know that there’s more terrorism in the Middle East, less government stability in Venezuela, and the Maldives is disappearing due to climate change. What we never hear about, however, is the Lake Chad Crisis.
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Emma Romano and her fight against violence against women

Violence Against Women: Emma Morano and her Recipe to Orange the World

Orange the World is a campaign initiated by the UN to invest in order to stop violence against women. But do you know how this lady Emma Morano did so? Instead of investing in others, she started to invest in herself. The very dear life that we often take for granted should never be left unattended. She recognized this part and ended her abusive marriage before it ended her. This lady makes us feel that we can beat all the crap by all means, and say no to abuse.
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UN - United Nations

United Nations: An Attempt to Oneness, 70 Years Into Time

The United Nations is a widely known international regulating body since after the World War II. It has aimed for better alliances among member countries in order to eradicate war and promote a more humane society across the globe. However, 70 years into its existence, it has met huge challenges as well as achievements. But after all, has it actually championed its original goal of uniting countries to forbid the recurrence of war and to improve the quality of life everywhere?
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Antonio Guterres: The next UN Secretary General

As the United Nations former Secretary General’s tenure has come to an end in December 2016; the United Nations Security Council has chosen its Ninth Secretary General by election in October 2016. This new figurehead of the UN is known to possess a creative, generous, mature politician and talented personality.
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