Reality TV Fame

Reality TV: The Price for 15 Minutes of Fame

Behind the catchy theme songs, pretty (scripted) words, designer attire and bright lights, reality TV shows harbour some pretty dark secrets. Reality TV stars are exploited to entertain the masses, but what negative effects remain once the cameras, once and for all, stop rolling? Many many reality TV stars regret their appearances on TV, and some have returned to ruined careers and relationships when their silly stints were over. And yet, many find themselves back under those bright lights for the next reality TV trend. Underneath all that glitz and glamour, what are the negative side effects of all this unprecedented fame? What darkness hides beneath all the bright lights and heavy editing that dominate reality TV?
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Racist Cartoons

Cartoon Blackface: 9 Horribly Racist Cartoons

Racism is a horrible thing, a disease that has been part of our collective history and that remains until today. Particularly in recent years, with a refugee crisis on our hands and a strong populistic right-wing emerging in several western countries, it feels like racist movements are gaining traction. Have we learned nothing at all within the last century?
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Thirteen reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why a Television Show Shouldn’t Matter

As you have probably guessed, Thirteen Reasons Why has become the next source of controversy in Netflix history, followed by the Amy Schumer critical comedy failure that has been one of the specific sources for the rating system change, and the Iron Fist debacle on the grounds of whitewashing the main character (even though Danny Raid has in fact been white ever since Iron Fist’s original incantation).
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TV Wars: Media Censorship on the Rise in India and Pakistan

Ever since the military confrontation between India and Pakistan along the Line of Control (LOC) began after the September 18th attack on the Uri Base in the Indian Administered Kashmir, in which 17 Indian Soldiers were killed, erupted a country-wide protest against Pakistan and political workers of some hardcore Hindu nationalist groups like RSS and Shiv-Sina demanded a complete boycott of Pakistan.
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The Jihadis Next Door

Since 1982, it can be said that Channel Four has been at the forefront of reaching its audience through a dynamic, innovative approach towards telling the full story, yet this often means that touchy and controversial issues have to be addressed at the same time.
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