Security theater and terrorism

Security Theater: Safety is But a Feeling

Safety and security is a commodity that is highly valued in society, you’re often surrounded by large groups of strangers, travelling in large numbers in small machines, like aeroplanes, trains and buses. But are the safety measures in place keeping you safe? Or is it just showmanship, better known as security theater?
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Breast cancer

The Business of Breast Cancer

Every 23 seconds, somebody in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s a fairly common disease, but so are diabetes and heart diseases. What makes breast cancer different from the rest is the curious culture that surrounds it – awareness campaigns, pink products, monument lighting and fundraising events of extreme proportions.
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The Pentagon Was Caught Paying for Fake Terrorism Videos

Not too long ago, the Pentagon was caught paying the controversial PR Firm Bell Pottinger $540 million to create fake videos against Iraqi terrorism. The point behind these videos was to create an anti-terrorism bias in people’s heads and to track terrorist sympathizers. The ways that the fake videos were used is a bit more insidious.
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