7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Africa

Just recently, Donald Trump allegedly dismissed Africa as a shithole continent. This did not go down well with many Africans, particularly due to the ignorance displayed. Most people do not know much about Africa either. Some think it is a country full of drought, poverty, and disease. But no. It is a continent, the second largest on earth, and full of wonderful people. Let me introduce you to some other things you probably didn’t know about the continent.
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Linguistic Relativity Languages

Linguistic Relativity and Language: You Are What You Speak

People have gone all over the world to answer one particular question and that is whether or not our languages shape the way individuals think. Linguistic experts, in particular, have been paying close attention to this question since the 40s, coming up with the concept of linguistic relativity. If you were to speak French, you may start to think more fashionable than before whereas if you started speaking Swedish, you may just start feeling really good about taxation all of a sudden. You know, we joke, but basically, that is what linguistic relativity is all about.
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Christmas Venezuela Crisis Hallaca Manger

Venezuela Holiday Traditions: Bright Spots in a Crisis

Venezuelan holiday traditions are fun and colorful, we don’t miss a chance of celebrating and having some fun together with family and friends. No wonder we have so many holidays and free days per year. Christmas is very special, unlike other countries and nationalities we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or Halloween, we devote more time, effort, and energy to Christmas than any other holiday.
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Child Prostitution Pakistan

Silent and Raped: Reality of Child Prostitution in Pakistan

Pir Wadhai is an extremely busy bus station situated between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, which are two major cities of Pakistan. This bus station has about 1200 buses that regularly generate traffic from all over the country, going in and out of the station several times a day. Someone looking at this bus station from the outside would assume there is nothing out of the ordinary about it, but locals know better. It’s the front for child prostitution.
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Air Koryo Airplane

The World’s Only 1-Star Airline: North Korea’s Air Koryo

There is nothing better than airline service. Delays, plane food, and other mild annoyances tend to be a staple of every air travel experience. One airline, in particular, is considered the worst of the worst. Rated a single star on several sources, Air Koryo is one of the only carriers that take passengers to the despotic country of North Korea. Let’s take a tour of Air Koryo and see why travelers should beware.
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Backpacking Travel Mt Cook

How the Internet Changed the Way We Travel

Today, we can simply run a quick search for “Cheap Hawaii Trips”, and are provided with a multitude of results from airliners, vacation packages and even travel price comparison sites. It seems nearly impossible to imagine travel bookings without the internet. Booking your holidays is not the only thing the internet has changed when it comes to traveling, in fact, the internet has changed nearly everything related to travel.
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Banff National Park in Canada

Oh Canada: The Road to Banff National Park

Have you ever seen a tourism ad for Canada, or have you ever been awed by the sheer beauty of those breathtaking Canada pictures on Reddit, Instagram or anywhere else on the internet? Whatever it was, chances are that you have laid eyes on the self-proclaimed holy grail of Canadian nature – Banff National Park.
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places to travel to before you die

7 Places to See and Travel to Before You Die

Ladies and Gentleman, it is time to grab a piece of paper and pencil because we are about to reveal something any traveler would love. If you have the goal of traveling the world but need some inspiration, then this one is for you. We have created a list of 7 places to see and travel to before you die. Let’s begin:
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