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Left to Right-Wing: Creation of the Far-Right in Eastern Europe

When we think about Eastern Europe, we still have very distinct images and stereotypes in mind. The Cold War painted the East in a communist red that is hard to wash off, but eventually, they tried. In the 90s, many Eastern European Countries were full of hope and motivation to transition and converge to the rich west by means of liberal policies and a free market. But tipping the scales is a risky endeavor, one that would swing Eastern European states from left to right until, eventually, the far right took over. But how did the right-wing come to fruition in those former socialist societies?
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Right-wing populism

Left vs. Right — Why Right-Wing Populism is Winning the Fight

Looking at the past two years, it is uncanny that right-wing parties have been on the rise, especially those situated at the far end of the political spectrum. While some, including the opposing parties, seem gravely concerned at this development, the question is not necessarily why right-wing parties can get more votes in elections. The question we have to ask is why are left-wing parties failing?
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The Problem with Democratic Socialism in Venezuela

Democratic Socialism is literally just socialism, and this particular term was not really in flux until fairly recently within the United States and some parts of Europe as well. Indeed there are social democracy movements around Europe, yet some of them fall well short of having actually anything to do with socialism. Some of them are literally like the Democratic Party in the United States; essentially a corporatist movement, slapping the ‘socialism’ label on themselves in a vain attempt to have youth appeal, in a sort of “Marx is a splendid guy but communism goes too far” way.
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Vietnam’s law on Religion and Belief

Vietnam’s Law on Religion and Belief is Shocking

Vietnam is a multi-religion and multi-belief country. Such diversity of religion and belief is supposed to be caused by a wide variety of cultural, economic or spiritual life. There are three mostly dominating religions. These are: Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Alongside these religious movements, we see also Catholicism, Protestantism and Islam too. And now here comes Vietnam’s law on Religion and Belief.
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