Sex tourism in the Philippines

Prostitution and Sex Tourism in the Philippines

Whilst finding exact numbers can be difficult, most sources estimate that 500,000 to 800,000 men, women and children are working in the sex trade in the Philippines. Sex tourism is mainly clustered around the major cities; however, its effects are felt countrywide where women and children are often forced or coerced away from their rural communities to work in the cities. Selling or paying for sex is actually illegal in the Philippines, however sex workers will be employed as a number of different roles that fall under ‘Entertainment’. Law enforcement turns a blind eye, and often accept bribes from sex workers in the form of sexual favors in order for their continued compliance with the industry.
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The Gambia Tourism Tyranny

Holidays in The Gambia: A Story of Tourism and Tyranny

The Gambia symbolically stands for Africa in all the wrong ways. Government leadership in many African countries has long been anything but democratic. In fact, democracy could be mistaken to resemble ‘dictatorship of the majority’. There are leaders who have stayed in power for more than thirty years. Others are clocking four decades and still seem undaunted.
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