Donald Trump Revolutionary

Donald Trump: A Great Revolutionary?

Is it time to pick on Donald Trump again? When is it ever? It’s been over a year since the election and we are closing in on a full year since Trump’s inauguration. A year since the real estate magnate was hailed into office as a person that had left behind all political correctness and bluntly said what he thought, not pledging allegiance to anyone but himself. His supporters labeled him as a great revolutionary. Turns out he may indeed be the precursor of a revolution, it may just be the wrong one.
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EthicAd an ethical fair trade ad network for online advertising.

EthicAd: A Fair Trade Ethical Ad Network for Online Advertising

Saving the planet is not a task fulfilled in a day. Many companies and businesses are starting to refocus to work ethically, and it is about time that we apply the principles of fair trade to more industries. One of those early pioneers is EthicAd, an ad network that tries to bring ethical principles to online advertising.
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