Devadasi Pratha

The Curse of Being a Girl: The Devadasi Pratha Tradition in India

One fine morning when 10-year-old Anjali woke up, she was rubbed with turmeric and showered with Neem water. Feeling all neat and tidy, she was then given the first Sari (traditional dress of women in India) of her life and a tray full of tempting sweets to gorge on. Little did Anjali know the terrible fate which awaited her the next day hence. She, like thousands of other girls, was going to become a scapegoat in the religious muddle popularized by the name of Devadasi or Servants of God.
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Mashal Khan Blasphemy

Blasphemy: Today and the Way Forward

Some issues in Pakistan have had such impact that they have been influencing the very history of Pakistan. Blasphemy! The very idea and the long-standing history associated with it makes this very concept cringe-worthy to any civilized person living in Pakistan. The backlash and the fanaticism associated with blasphemy keep many a people from raising their voices.
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Mahashivaratri and The Pashupatinath Temple

Once a year, for the devotees of Lord Shiva (The God of Creation, Destruction, Regeneration, Meditation, Arts, Yoga and Moksha according to the Hindu Legend), there’s a festival that gives the chills like no other called Mahashivaratri.
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Blogging in Bangladesh: Freethinking May Get You Killed

There’s a great dispute in Bangladesh between the secularists and the Islamic extremists on the other side. Each of them have their own interest. Secularists want separation of religion and state, while Islamic extremists have an absolutely different point of view. They want Bangladesh to become an Orthodox Sunni Islamic state.
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Transgender and the pope

The Catholic Church and Transgender Relations

For quite a while now, Pope Francis has been considered to be the hero of the moralist left within the United States and the Western world at large due to his views regarding modernisation and the acceptance of different orientations, religions and sub-cultures, ignoring the heresy that had existed for well over a thousand years that critiqued anything outside of the Catholic doctrine. So what about transgender people?
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