Easter Bunny Lie

The Easter Bunny Lie: Fuzzy Friend or Enemy?

It’s that time of year again: overpriced chocolate bunnies and colourful chocolate eggs litter the grocery stores, and pastels are the palette of choice for the holiday decor. Easter is primarily a religious holiday, but it’s often overshadowed by that big, unnatural bunny who lays eggs made of chocolate for children to search for and devour. The Easter Bunny is just one of the trifecta of lies that parents tell their children each year, partnered with the Tooth Fairy and Santa, but there are some who believe that, as fun as it can be, the seemingly innocent fibs may actually be harmful to a child’s mental well-being.
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Psychopathy Narcissism Dating Psychopath

Narcissism, Psychopathy, and the Dating Game

People with a darker personality than most, those who score higher in psychopathy and Machiavellianism, are usually manipulative, vain, selfish, and callous. A sane person who can identify these people from a crowd would keep his or her distance but that begs one important question: How is it that psychopaths and narcissists are so popular in the dating scene?
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Jordan Peterson Postmodern

Jordan Peterson: A Postmodern Against Postmodernism

If someone asked me “What does Jordan Peterson believe in?”, it’d be easier for me to answer with what Peterson hates and that is postmodernism. He will actually say this himself about a million times if you ask him, even though he can be considered a postmodern philosopher.
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Facebook Social Media Children

Facebook: Social Media and Its Effects on Children

Social Media services such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter are here to stay. With time, the use of Social Media among kids is increasing at an alarming rate as well. As parents, we want our children to live a meaningful life. We want them to spend their time in productive ways, but the internet has taken a toll on almost everyone including teens and children.
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Violence and world peace

Peaceful Violence: Has Humanity Become Less Violent?

One of the most logical descriptions for being human is that of a loving creature with the tenacity to better himself/herself in every way. If you had a glimpse of the world six centuries ago, you would think of the species that existed then as anything but human. Unless you are watching it out of a television scene, it’s not every day you witness thousands die in battle, or enjoy people kill each other for sport. The decline of violence in the world is apparent.
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Violent Video Games

Violent Video Games and their Impact on Society

Video games, whether they are played on your PC or on a console system, come in all shapes and sizes – and with a variety of parental ratings. From the colourful world of Hello Kitty Online to the remarkably violent Grand Theft Auto series, and every game in between, the range of violence in video games seems endless. But what impact do violent video games really have?
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