Padmaavat: Dividing India the Karni Sena Way!

Growing up in India, as a typical Bollywood lover, I ask Hindu religious groups – Why did you do that?

The story begins with an announcement by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, an eminent Indian movie maker, who has been touching our hearts since forever. The announcement of his next big project – Padmaavati, oops! Padmaavat, with his favorite duo Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. As soon as the shooting for the movie began in Rajasthan, members of the Rajput Karni Sena have been making it a difficult task to produce something so enigmatic, that they eventually were supposed to love!
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Student Protesters Protest Philippines

Student Protesters: You are Only Hurting Yourselves

Students getting involved in politics isn’t news in the Philippines. Student protesters, who call themselves activists, allegedly fighting for the rights of their fellow men and standing for those who do not have a voice – at least that is what they say they do. Add to that their self-given right to roast politicians they invited to symposiums not intended as such. They celebrate their ability to make others believe that they are smart enough to criticise someone older or with more experience to the point of public embarrassment. And then they call themselves “educated.” Are they, really?
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Óscar Pérez

Venezuela: Why did the Government Kill Óscar Pérez?

The second week of January, just when people are trying to set new routines, go back to school, and work to somehow continue with life, the Venezuelan government surprised us again with one of the most terrible and violent assassinations ever. We, those who fight and resist, have decided to name things as they are, this was murder. Óscar Pérez, his team, and others were killed after being sieged in a house in the Mountains of Caracas.
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American Protest

The USA’s Broken Again, Here Are 9 American Protest Songs

A lot of people are freaking out about Donald Trump being in the White House. Good, they should be. However, as we watch the limits of democracy tested almost daily by the mix of corruption, demagoguery, and corruption we see coming from the administration, we’ve started to forget exactly how bad things were just a little over a decade ago.
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President Buhari, Nigeria

Nigeria on the Brink: Is President Buhari Doing Any Good?

Escalating numbers of dead bodies, severe hunger, constant protests, the heavily armed Boko Haram, and a very shaky administration; is Nigeria stumbling to the ground? Well, this is a question that still remains unanswered! With President Muhammadu Buhari still in his alleged “deathbed”, it’s still too early to make predictions on the fate of the once one of the greatest countries Africa ever boasted of. But as at now, any layman can attest to the fact that Nigeria is really on the brink.
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Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea

Romanians Demand the Resignation of the Ombudsman

On January 5th, the Romanian Ombudsman, Victor Ciorbea, has challenged the Law 90/2001 at the Constitutional Court of Romania, which prohibits convicted criminals to be members of the government. Following this action, the civic society started a petition demanding his resignation which has already been signed by over 144,850 people.
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