canada apartment hell

Canadian Horror Story: Apartment Hell

Tenants and landlords have certain rights in Canada; these rights vary from province to province and vary in how they apply to tenants. However, getting these rights enforced can be a difficult task if you don’t have access to the right resources. As shown in the following tale, Montreal, Quebec can be a place that makes it difficult for tenants to get the help they need to live peacefully in their homes.
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Breed specific legislation, pitbull

Breed Specific Legislation: Truth and Consequences

It was a morning walk like any other: I was out with my toddler and my dog and we were paused at the local bridge, watching the creek water run rapidly over the rocks after recent rains. My daughter was delighting at the sound of the water as my dog sniffed every blade of grass she could find. Then a Police car drove past us, which didn’t phase me until he slowed right down and pulled a U-turn in the middle of the street and drove back towards us. Thanks to Breed Specific Legislation, I froze then and there.
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7 Facts About American Exceptionalism

The United States has often been seen (mostly by the people who live there) as the greatest country on Earth. While there are certainly many advantages to living in the US, there are ugly sides as well that people don’t like to talk about as much. We have our fair share of problems; you may think by the end that we have more than our fair share.
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