Venezuela Students Protests

“We are Trapped” – Have Students in Venezuela Given up Hope?

A year ago, on March 31st of 2017, a group of students of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV, in Spanish) initiated what turned out to be one of the biggest and also the bloodiest protests in the history of Venezuela. More than a hundred days of continuous protests in the streets of Caracas and in the rest of the country. Days went by and the protesters got tired, scared, and finally stop protesting. Is the student movement in Venezuela dead?
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Simón Bolívar Venezuela

Simón Bolívar: A Hero Degraded by Populist Language

“Simón Bolívar’s popularity in South America is enormous,” wrote Erik Hesselberg (1914-72) in his book Kon-tiki and I (1949). “So many things carry his name, including the hotel where I stayed [in Lima, Peru]. It was a very large hotel that covered one whole block in front of the San Martin square. That of Madame Rodriguez in Colon was a hut compared to the Bolivar.” This popularity is much more extended in Venezuela, where Simón Bolívar was born and first came to be known. For the last 25 years, though, the legendary hero’s name has been used to label a wicked version of Socialism that impoverished the country and made its people unhappy — and thinner.
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Venezuela CLAP Boxes Food

CLAP: Venezuela’s Desperate Try to Feed Its Population

The Local Committees for Production and Supply (CLAP in Spanish) are groups of people that, promoted by the government of Venezuela, get together and deliver boxes of food to citizens. According to the government, they are a way of fighting the economic crisis and shortage of food brought about by the economic war of the right-wing sectors of the country. So far so good, right?
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Venezuela Russia China Oil

Russia and China May Decide the Fate of Venezuela

While enabling the perpetuation of the tyranny of Nicolas Maduro’s Venezuelan United Socialist Party (PSUV) over the country, Russia and China seem to have become the last lifeline remaining for this red-wing authoritarian regime within a national context of humanitarian devastation and economic downturn. But just how much will Russia and China influence the fate of Venezuela?
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Óscar Pérez

Venezuela: Why did the Government Kill Óscar Pérez?

The second week of January, just when people are trying to set new routines, go back to school, and work to somehow continue with life, the Venezuelan government surprised us again with one of the most terrible and violent assassinations ever. We, those who fight and resist, have decided to name things as they are, this was murder. Óscar Pérez, his team, and others were killed after being sieged in a house in the Mountains of Caracas.
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Venezuelan Crisis

Venezuela: The Loose Ends of the Venezuelan Crisis

On the edge of our hyper-connected reality, any international happening that holds high levels of media interest can generate a quick outburst of unrequested opinions, analysis, and criticism. E.g., since the very beginning of the Venezuelan crisis in 2013, much has been speculated about the roots of the sociopolitical issues of this formerly rich Latin American disaster.
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Venezuela news

Information and News from Venezuela

Venezuela – 916 445 km² of one of the nicest climates in the world. Located on the northern coast of South America, we have the best tropical atmosphere of the region due to its various altitudes and green areas. Rainforests, plains, mountains, and paradisiacal beaches cover all the terrain and offer locals and tourists the perfect place for adventure holidays or relaxation trips.
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