Sierra de Perija

The Struggle for Sierra de Perija’s Survival

The Sierra de Perija is a national park which is located in the northwest of Venezuela, is part of the mountain range of the Andes and is at the border with Colombia, it has an important ecosystem with humid to subhumid tropical rainforests and high-mountain grasslands extending across 700,000 acres.
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Deforestation in Romania

For many people, the small country of Romania represents nature. Many important figures visit Romania for the sole purpose of seeing and becoming involved in a lifestyle that was said to be extinct for hundreds of years.
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Koko the Gorilla: Voice of Nature

Koko is a female gorilla and one of the rarest species that can learn to communicate using sign language. Here’s what she had to say to humanity after being informed of the 21st Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
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slash and burn rainforest fire

Borneo: What Slash and Burn Has Done to the Island

The largest island in Asia is Borneo. Exactly 73% of its territory belongs to Indonesia, the world’s biggest palm oil producer and consumer, and the rest of it is Malaysian and Bruneian. Up until the 1960s, Borneo was covered in rainforest. However, when the overpopulation on Java started to become worse and worse, the poor part of the population – farmers and peasants, were shipped off to Borneo to farm the logged areas, converting a large part of the land from forest to agricultural land with a practice called Slash and Burn. The region experienced rapid growth in its economy and industry and proceeded to mindlessly exploit the rainforest.
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