Child Marriage in Lebanon

A must-see video for the #IDONT campaign from the human rights Non-Governmental Organization ‘KAFA (enough) Violence and Exploitation’ based in Beirut, Lebanon, exposing the reality and horror of child marriage, still happening today in 2016.
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Marriage abduction and ransom

Marriage by Abduction: Replacing Ransom

These days, the news of kidnapping has become very common in India. We used to hear about cases of kidnappings of children and women, but it’s quite strange to notice that the motive of the abduction of women has changed from ransom to marriage.
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Gay Marriage: America’s Landmark Decision

The implications of America’s decision are arguably greater than parallel developments in any other country. It was not controversial that Denmark, for example, legalised same-sex marriage in 2012 – it did not make headlines in any way near those created by the Supreme Court ruling.
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