What is German Ostalgie?

The German Democratic Republic (GDR) was a short-lived state. Born out of the ruins of Soviet-occupied Eastern Germany in 1949, the GDR rose and fell with the Soviet Union (USSR). As World War 2 came to a close millions of Red Army soldiers poured out of the USSR, pushing back German forces and liberating Eastern Europe from Nazi occupation — leaving a trail of nascent single-party socialist states modelled on the USSR. This march west ended in Germany: as the cold war began, the resulting boundary between east and west would come to be known, in a phrase coined by Winston Churchill, as the Iron Curtain.
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Sugar: The Most Dangerous Drug on Earth?

Every human being have an innate attraction to sweet food. This is what the Chemical Senses institute in Philadelphia has asserted. Even during the prenatal period, as doctors inject a sweet substance inside the uterus to entice the embryo to swallow more liquid. This means that we are attracted to sweet food even before we are born. However, is our innate, natural attraction to sugar merely a strong craving? Or, is it a real addiction that includes physical attachment?
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Celebrity worship syndrome

Celebrity Worship Syndrome

In 1981, the first commercial laptop was invented by Adam Osborn, which dubbed the name, Osborne 1. In 1984, the first portable personal computer, IBM 5155 was launched by IBM, and the first laptop PC with “video graphics array” was launched through the Compaq Computer in 1988.
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