upcycling consumerism

Upcycling: Striking Consumerism at its Root

Did you check out the latest report on where your economy would stand in the year 2050? Well, let’s not get too intellectual about it and simply put have you ever wondered how many items on your weekly shopping list you can do without? Most shopping lists have at the very least one item that got there solely because of Consumerism! But how can we tackle our consumerism behaviors? Maybe Upcycling is the answer to that questions.
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places to travel to before you die

7 Places to See and Travel to Before You Die

Ladies and Gentleman, it is time to grab a piece of paper and pencil because we are about to reveal something any traveler would love. If you have the goal of traveling the world but need some inspiration, then this one is for you. We have created a list of 7 places to see and travel to before you die. Let’s begin:
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Breed Specific Legislation, pit bull

Breed Specific Legislation: A Dog Owner’s Perspective

September 27th, 2016 Montreal passed an animal control bylaw banning new pit bull-type dogs and requiring existing ones to be muzzled, harnessed, and on a 4-foot leash at all times when outside their home. They call it Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and this is my partial account of what this meant for me.
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Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs: Solving the Hot Dog Food Riddle

Foodgasm has found a new shape, thanks to the delectable meaty cylinders called Hot Dogs. This darling grab-a-bite snack of westerners is slowly crawling its way into the tummies of fast food lovers across the globe. But did you ever wonder about what goes into making this sandwich-burrito hybrid?
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Massage Therapy

Massages and Massage Therapy: A Happy Beginning

Doesn’t a nice massage feel good and relaxing? Makes the stress go away, right? Times when you find it hard to sleep, have you ever thought about how massages came as a blessing? Massage therapy can be the key to many good things. We’ll tell you how.
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7 Celebrities Who Are Changing the World

Most of the time we hear stories of celebrities that are completely self-obsessed, drug abusing, or angry jerks. The celebrities that are actually making strides towards improving humanity get put on the back burner, if they’re even talked about at all. You’ve heard of every one of these people, but you don’t usually hear about the good they do for people all over the world. Here are 7 celebrities that are working towards improving humanity!
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