food waste

Food Waste: 9 Ways to Reduce Food Waste

Isn’t it the best feeling when you’re hungry and are finally able to sit down and devour something delicious? Food is precious, and we need to acknowledge the fact that we should worship the human fuel more than we do. For those who don’t know what it feels like to really be hungry, you may still understand based on how you feel when you skip a meal. Food waste is a real problem in a world full of hunger.
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Money Matters: The Right Personal Saving Technique

Saving money is a bummer. It is ideal but not always followed because our mindsets are fixed into the present, or to what makes things convenient now. However, if we would be sensitive enough as to what is happening around us, we would see that looking forward to securing ourselves financially is necessary. In order to encourage saving, different money saving techniques have been introduced and circulated online. Yes, they do look and sound good but on a personal level, they could be difficult to accomplish. Read more

How to Prepare for Doomsday: A 5-Step Guide

If you were to google the word ‘doomsday’, among the first links you will see is a Wikipedia page documenting all the possible ways in which the world may end and the dates of these hypothetical events. Whether it’s nuclear disaster or a zombie apocalypse, you may find some these claims hard to believe.
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The Top 10 Summer Health Risks

After long months of cold weather, chunky coats, and gloomy days, summer is finally here! Whether it is for the stunning sunshine enlightening our longer days or the golden tans we get, while enjoying the best outdoor activities, we all love summer. Vacations are being planned all over the world, but are people taking into account the consequences of being out in the sun all day? Read more

17 Amazing Pieces of Nature Street Art

As I was walking in my neighborhood, in a small city called Montreal, in Quebec, Canada, I realized that even though we live surrounded by buildings, stores, and street work all the time, I think people are craving for nature. Of course, we have many trees, squirrels, and parks, but the call of nature is palpable.
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Banff National Park in Canada

Oh Canada: The Road to Banff National Park

Have you ever seen a tourism ad for Canada, or have you ever been awed by the sheer beauty of those breathtaking Canada pictures on Reddit, Instagram or anywhere else on the internet? Whatever it was, chances are that you have laid eyes on the self-proclaimed holy grail of Canadian nature – Banff National Park.
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Pitbull Breed Specific Legislation

Breed Specific Legislation: The Pit bull S#!t Legislation

How can I describe what life has been like for me and my dog since Montreal’s Breed Specific Legislation has been on the table? Saying “It Sucks” does not embody the sleepless nights, anxiety, quality of life change. It can’t describe the defensiveness every time we leave the house. And it surely won’t describe the hours upon hours of research and struggling to understand the bylaw and keep my dog safe. It is as if every dog owner of a dog similar to a pit bull-type dog has been labeled a criminal. That our dogs are weapons that we are carrying around unconcealed.
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big data privacy

Surveillance and Privacy: Big Data For Better Lives?

You are living in a world where you are being watched. No, really you are, as a matter of fact, we all are. Almost everyone in today’s society leaves digital footprints everywhere they go. The people we call, the places we go, the things we eat, and the products we buy all tell the story of our daily lives. Every time we partake in these activities, it is being tracked and fed into the digital vortex known as Big Data.
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