Plastic alternatives

Plast-ick! Here are 7 Alternatives to Plastic

Plastic — it is nearly everywhere, and chances are you own, use and interact with plastic products every single day. From the plastic case on your phone to the water bottles you drink out of, this is a material that does not seem to be going out of production any time soon – or so we think.
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Eating disorder and strong not skinny

Eating Disorder: #StrongNotSkinny Does More Harm Than Good

Search up #StrongNotSkinny in your Instagram browser, and you’ll be hit with an entire feed of sculpted, predominantly female bodies, macro-friendly meals, and the inevitable ‘progress pic’ where born-again gym fanatics pose next to a snap of their former thin, unhealthy selves.
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Vegan makeup

Vegan Makeup: What You Should Know

You’ve probably seen ads online or heard your hipster friends talking about veganism at some point, and unless you’re a vegan yourself you’ve probably done an internal eye roll. However, when it comes to makeup there is actually a very good reason behind purchasing vegan makeup that we could all get behind.
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Homer: The Most Important Poet That May Have Never Existed

History is important. Every historian you’ll ever meet will tell you that. And it is true, because only through our shared history can we hope to learn from mistakes made and knowledge gathered. In an ideal universe that would mean that we are constantly evolving and improving through time, something our war and poverty riddled world cannot attest to.
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7 Tips to Wake Up and Kick Ass in the Morning

It’s Monday morning, the sun is piercing through the windows, and you hit the snooze button a gazillion times, leaving a dent on your phone. It’s 8:59 o’clock and you have 1 minute to get up, shower, get dressed and eat breakfast. You do none of it, and you simply start cursing, trip over a chair and are late for work.
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Vegans planet

5 Reasons Why Vegans Are Killing the Planet

There is this new hype in town that “vegans are killing the planet,” but this is quite a claim that demands a deeper analysis on what could be the possible reasons. As we all have been growing up, hearing that eating vegetables is far healthier than meat, how could it be that healthy food eaters are now defamed as the destroyers of this planet?
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