Ombudsman Victor Ciorbea

Romanians Demand the Resignation of the Ombudsman

On January 5th, the Romanian Ombudsman, Victor Ciorbea, has challenged the Law 90/2001 at the Constitutional Court of Romania, which prohibits convicted criminals to be members of the government. Following this action, the civic society started a petition demanding his resignation which has already been signed by over 144,850 people.
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Democratic Republic of Congo

The Future of the Democratic Republic of Congo

The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, is one of the leaders in Africa who has shown intentions of clinging to power, through unconstitutional means. The ruling party and other supporting coalitions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, have delayed the national elections that were to be held in 2016. This clearly indicates Kabila’s quest for more power beyond his final term.
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Journalism Isn’t a Crime, or is It?

In many Western countries, good journalists are the seen as the unsung people’s heroes. Journalists are just common people who look at events that most people may not people about to see and report those findings to the people so that everyone can be informed.
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The Assisted Dying Bill in the UK

The debate was brought around in the commons by MP Rob Marris as he feels that terminally ill patients don’t have a choice over their lives and he wants to stop the Swiss clinic Dignitas continuing to carry out the amount of “amateur suicides”. In 2012, 29 Britons left the UK to die in Switzerland.
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