Cannabis Canada

No, Canada Is NOT Legalizing Cannabis

Weed, Pot, Cannabis, Mary Jane — you may not have smoked it or ingested it before, but you’ve certainly heard about it. Since the Liberals have taken office in Canada, The Cannabis Act has become a common topic in the media. The Canadian government plans to make weed legal as early as July 2018 – but are they really? With so many rules, laws and regulations there is a very fine line to be drawn as to whether this new legislation is truly and completely legalizing the plant.
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Lead poisoned birds

American Birds are Being Lead-Poisoned

Lead is one of the most commonly found elements in the crust of planet Earth, and it has been mined and used for thousands of years in many industrial and commercial products. The Greeks mined it for hundreds of years, and they knew how to convert it into white lead as well. It has been used as the basis for paints and covering products for centuries due to its amazing properties.
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Marine Le Pen

Marine Le Pen Charged with Misappropriating 5 Million Euros

Marine Le Pen, the far-right former presidential candidate and current member of the French parliament is being charged over a financial scandal. French investigators have already opened a case, with a probe into allegations that Marine Le Pen and her party, the National Front, have illegally claimed five million euros from the European Parliament to pay for work done by the National Front in France. Read more

Otto Warmbier: Young, Gifted, but Tragic

After hearing about Otto Warmbier’s arrest, trial and subsequent mysterious treatment at the hands of the North Korean government, it is fair to say that most people are sympathetic to what happened to him, but he did choose to go to the most despotic nation on earth. He did this in full knowledge that North Korea does not provide the right to a fair trial and lacks human rights because in visiting North Korea, you do not need to do anything wrong by western standards.
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canada apartment hell

Canadian Horror Story: Apartment Hell

Tenants and landlords have certain rights in Canada; these rights vary from province to province and vary in how they apply to tenants. However, getting these rights enforced can be a difficult task if you don’t have access to the right resources. As shown in the following tale, Montreal, Quebec can be a place that makes it difficult for tenants to get the help they need to live peacefully in their homes.
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Mashal Khan Blasphemy

Blasphemy: Today and the Way Forward

Some issues in Pakistan have had such impact that they have been influencing the very history of Pakistan. Blasphemy! The very idea and the long-standing history associated with it makes this very concept cringe-worthy to any civilized person living in Pakistan. The backlash and the fanaticism associated with blasphemy keep many a people from raising their voices.
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Forced Marriage and Bride Kidnapping

Forced Marriage: A Case of Modern Bride Kidnapping

It may be dreadful, but kidnapping a girl as young as 18 for a forced marriage is not only a thing of the movies. It happens right before our eyes and amidst all the campaigns for the alleviation of crimes and the progress of our defenses, the abduction of women around the world for the purpose of a forced marriage to their captors remains unstopped. Bride kidnapping and forced marriage is still a reality for many people on our earth.
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