Fake News

Fake News and Radical Politics: My Fake is your Treasure

Let’s make Social Media great again. Oh, have we become an indifferent lot. Whenever I log into Facebook, it becomes an increasing chore to wade through the massive amount of fake news, witch-hunts, and nonsense floating through my stream. Shared by distant uncles, friends and that one hippie that lives off the bark of dead trees because everything else would be murder.
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Filter Bubble Echo Chamber

The Filter Bubble: Our Internet Echo Chamber

Let’s be honest, we all think we have life figured out. We like the best stuff, we know the most, and everyone seems to agree with us. Those who don’t are not only far inferior but also outnumbered. But are they really? Most of what we think of as real is actually selectively fed to us by what is called a Filter Bubble through internet services like Facebook and Google. We are living in a technology Echo Chamber.
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africa technology internet

Internet and the Digital Age: Is Africa at Risk of Extinction?

In his words, French poet and novelist Victor Hugo said, “You can resist an army; you cannot resist an idea whose time has come.”He pointed to the fact that one of the most unfortunate things you can ever do is to resist change when it’s time to. It’s like refusing to honor a call of nature. And the consequences, would you accept them? Me neither. Now the world has moved to a new era. The era of cyberculture, internet, and computer literacy. And everyone who doesn’t adapt to this era risks isolation and extinction. Like the dinosaurs? Yes. Here is why.
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Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom: Life of the Megaupload Giant

Kim Dotcom is a household name on the internet. Starting out as a hacker gone security consultant and ending up launching one of the biggest sharing websites in the history of the internet – Megaupload. Elevating filesharing to the next level, Kim Dotcom soon had to learn that American multi-billion corporations do not easily overlook lost profits.
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Shopping online

How the Internet Changed Shopping

The Internet has largely changed the way we go shopping today, and it happened in just one decade. Books, electronics, clothes, cosmetics, medicines, you name it, everything is available online. You can buy whatever you like without leaving your house.
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Internet Communities

How the Internet Changed Communities

Some see them as social circles or places where someone can stand out. Ideas are shared, plans for meet-ups can be arranged, and friendships are forged. How can anyone feel alone in the vast communities of cyberspace? We are living in a world where every clique, every group, every small little neighborhood of data and people flood every web page.
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Backpacking Travel Mt Cook

How the Internet Changed the Way We Travel

Today, we can simply run a quick search for “Cheap Hawaii Trips”, and are provided with a multitude of results from airliners, vacation packages and even travel price comparison sites. It seems nearly impossible to imagine travel bookings without the internet. Booking your holidays is not the only thing the internet has changed when it comes to traveling, in fact, the internet has changed nearly everything related to travel.
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