Costa Rica Homophobic Elections Presidency Fabricio Alvarado

Costa Rica: The Homophobic Race for Presidency

Religion has many purposes in the world; to some people, it brings peace, to others it brings support and explains some events in life that can’t be explained by other means. But religion can also function as a tool to promote hostile behaviors and ideologies “in the name of God.” The greatest example may be the way terrorist have twisted Islam, or how extreme conservative leaders have raised the homophobic flag simply because “God says it’s a sin.” This time, a homophobic bomb landed in Costa Rica’s ballot box, an evangelistic pastor named Fabricio Alvarado is winning the first round to be President in Costa Rica, and he is not hiding his intentions of keeping the country free from gay marriage.
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UN Free & Equal: Why We Fight

To celebrate the International Day against Homophobia & Transphobia on May 17th 2016, the United Nations Human Rights organization asked people to help create a video that captures some of the strength and spirit that LGBTQ activists and allies bring to their work, and the sheer diversity of causes that help make up the movement globally.
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