Poland Jedwabne Pogrom Antisemitic History

Jedwabne Pogrom: Is Poland Trying to Erase History?

A few weeks ago, the Polish government approved a new law, making it illegal to associate Poland with Nazi crimes. Basically, saying or writing something like “Polish death camps” is now punishable by law. However, that contradicts actual events surrounding the Jedwabne Pogrom. Read more

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day: A Hoax, a Scam, a Disturbing Reality

Every year on February 14th, lovebirds around the world scramble to find the perfect gift, the perfect card and flowers, and the perfect venue to woo their partners with on Valentine’s Day. The world will be draped in red hearts and cupids and romance, and love will be, metaphorically, in the air. It may be a comfort to know for those who are not a part of a couple during this love-smothered month that the history behind Valentine’s Day is anything but romantic. From sacrificial goats and dogs to imprisonment and execution, to the eventual mating of birds, the holiday – as well as its namesake, Saint Valentine – has a pretty dark past.
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Violence and world peace

Peaceful Violence: Has Humanity Become Less Violent?

One of the most logical descriptions for being human is that of a loving creature with the tenacity to better himself/herself in every way. If you had a glimpse of the world six centuries ago, you would think of the species that existed then as anything but human. Unless you are watching it out of a television scene, it’s not every day you witness thousands die in battle, or enjoy people kill each other for sport. The decline of violence in the world is apparent.
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Harvey Ball, History Personalities

History: Great Personalities Forgotten in Time

I bet we all know of Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. Their innovations in technology have had a huge impact on the world. Others like Albert Einstein and Henry Ford have left a lasting legacy with their contributions to the world. There are many other great personalities throughout history whom we know and celebrate for their great innovations or contributions to the world. That said, there remain others whom, even after making great contributions, have become forgotten and we hardly know about them. In this article, I will introduce to you ten great personalities I bet you didn’t know about.
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Balfour Declaration

Balfour Declaration: A Century of Bloodshed

A letter was all that it took for the British Empire to artificially (and accidentally) create the Israel-Palestine conflict on November 2nd, 1917. This letter, the Balfour Declaration, has caused a century of conflict in the Middle East between Jews and Arabs over Palestine. If at all, a solution to the conflict is as improbable as ever 100 years after the Zionists were promised “a National Home” by British Officials.
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human rights

Human Rights: A Historical Perspective on Fundamental Rights

Just like the phoenix, human rights emerged from the ashes and ruins of the world. The beginning of human rights as a revolution is said to be in the late 19th and the whole of the 20th century. However, from ancient texts and research, we can gather that the first time human rights were talked about was back in 539 BC. This is when the armies of Cyrus the great captured ancient Persian lands only to free the slaves and establish equality. This significant historical act provided a basis for today’s human rights decrees.
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Homer: The Most Important Poet That May Have Never Existed

History is important. Every historian you’ll ever meet will tell you that. And it is true, because only through our shared history can we hope to learn from mistakes made and knowledge gathered. In an ideal universe that would mean that we are constantly evolving and improving through time, something our war and poverty riddled world cannot attest to.
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Taiwan and One China

Taiwan: Challenging the One China Policy

The One China policy reflects the Chinese government’s commitment that there is only one Chinese government on this planet. This policy strictly defines that any country which is going to have official diplomatic relations with China must have to break its relations with Taiwan, otherwise China would break ties with that country.
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