Bodyshaping Society's Beauty Ideals

Bodyshaping: We are Slaves to Society’s Beauty Ideals

Bodyshaping is the practice of changing your outer appearance through a variety of practices, predominantly specific exercise, to bring your body into shape. Unlike regular exercise, these are not necessarily meant to get fit, but rather to shape your body’s appearance to adhere to society’s beauty ideals. Isn’t it scary that society with its size zero fanaticism and beauty ideals has made us specifically shape our body accordingly? And how is our way of bodyshaping different than women that got suppressed with similar practices in different cultures in the past and present?
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Waragi Uganda Alcoholism

Pearl of Africa: Waragi Alcoholism in Uganda

Kaliro is a small rural township in Eastern Uganda, about 150 kilometers from Kampala, Uganda’s capital. On any given day, men and women of all ages can be seen entering a particular homestead. Others can be seen staggering out. You would be forgiven to think there is a special occasion going on in there. Enter the homestead and you will find many more people. Men seated together in their own groups and women in their own groups too. Some are already lying on the floor, motionless. It is not a party, these people are here to drink waragi, a home-made illicit brew. Read more

Violent Video Games

Violent Video Games and their Impact on Society

Video games, whether they are played on your PC or on a console system, come in all shapes and sizes – and with a variety of parental ratings. From the colourful world of Hello Kitty Online to the remarkably violent Grand Theft Auto series, and every game in between, the range of violence in video games seems endless. But what impact do violent video games really have?
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Lab-Grown Meat

Lab-Grown Meat May Be the Future of Food

When we thought scientists were taking a low spiral on inventions, they pull yet another big surprise on us. Who could have imagined or envisioned a point where we would produce meat from anything other than animals? Well, they have caught us flat-footed on a potentially good idea. This major invention of the food industry is lab-grown meat.
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Teenage pregnancy

Being Mum Too Young: The Tribulations of Teenage Pregnancy

Sarah, a young girl, age 14, found out one morning that her parents filed for a divorce, and are going to live separately from now on. With no one around, she went out for a stroll in the nearest park. While on her way back, she met a friend from her school, along with two boys.
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