Chechnya: Crimes Against the Gay Community

Chechnya and Human Rights: Crimes Against Gay Community

Being gay isn’t easy, yet it’s easier than it’s ever been, at least in western countries that is. We’re not talking about the actual sexual orientation, but about acceptance and rights that still can’t be described as perfect anywhere. But even when looking at the flawed situation gay people sometimes find themselves in even in the most progressive countries, there will always be the cruel knowledge of just how much people have to suffer for their sexual orientation elsewhere in the world. The most recent case of which is just taking place in Chechnya.
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Germany in 2017 – Shining Beacon or Fractured Nation?

Germany is a nation of many things, known for its food and culture, its cars and exports and its key role within the European Union. The country is not known , owever, to be currently able to deal well with rising tensions created by a variety of different sources from outside and within. Apparently, they’re not known for having a sense of humor either, which is not entirely true, they do chuckle occasionally when comparing their public healthcare system to that of the US.
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WARNING: The Shadow Government is Watching You

Of all the theories out there, the theory of a shadow government is the most popular. A google search will reveal thousands of informational sites claiming to be able to prove the existence of a cryptocracy, or shadow government, that runs parallel to many other governments.
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Bureaucracy in Romania

On-Going Bureaucrazy in Romania

Romania is a country full of controversies. We have one of the highest numbers of medals when it comes to international Math, Physics and Chemistry contests, but at the same time, one of the highest percentages of illiteracy in the EU.
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