President Buhari, Nigeria

Nigeria on the Brink: Is President Buhari Doing Any Good?

Escalating numbers of dead bodies, severe hunger, constant protests, the heavily armed Boko Haram, and a very shaky administration; is Nigeria stumbling to the ground? Well, this is a question that still remains unanswered! With President Muhammadu Buhari still in his alleged “deathbed”, it’s still too early to make predictions on the fate of the once one of the greatest countries Africa ever boasted of. But as at now, any layman can attest to the fact that Nigeria is really on the brink.
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Lake Chad Crisis

The Lake Chad Crisis: Urgent, Complex, and Almost Completely Ignored

#In the first world, we generally understand our privilege when compared to many other countries. We know that there’s more terrorism in the Middle East, less government stability in Venezuela, and the Maldives is disappearing due to climate change. What we never hear about, however, is the Lake Chad Crisis.
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Australia Offshore Detention Centers

Australia’s Refugee Detention Centers

Being a refugee fleeing war, violence and/or prosecution is arguably one of the worst situations to be in as a human being. We are talking about traumatic experiences and stress most of us, thankfully, never have to experience in our lives, though we are confronted with it on a daily basis as ships filled with desperate souls keep sinking in the Mediterranean sea, as numerous people risk their lives in pursuit of safety and a better future and as resentments against those foreigners spilling into Europe undeniably grow. But on the other side of the world, Australia faces similar issues, to which they responded with inhuman detention centers.
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Water Crisis in Pakistan

Water Crisis in Pakistan: Another Perspective

Water is the factor that denotes life. We are living here on Earth due to the fact that almost 70% of the planet has water. Following Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” postulate, the countries have designed the mechanisms that can help conserve water for the coming years. It is said that the 3rd World War would be fought over water. There is already a water crisis in Pakistan
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Nawaz Sharif Panama Papers

Panama Papers: The Pakistani Connection

At last, it happened. The day arrived and became a memorable one. Yes, I am talking about the event that took place on the 20th day of this year’s April. The day which was anxiously being waited even by those who don’t know the country’s president’s name, Nawaz Sharif, let alone the politics. The Panama Papers Verdict has actually grabbed the attention of everyone out there.
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