GMO: A Never-Ending Nightmare

GMO… for some, these three letters are as terrifying as a Great White Shark swimming towards them at top speed and for others, they’re the solution to the world’s food supply problem. It’s 2016, it’s been nearly two decades since GMO made their first appearance, and not only are they still controversial, they’ve also taken control over an integral part of our agriculture.
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Suicide of farmers in India

The Alarming Rate of Suicide Among Farmers in India

Farmers in India are committing suicide at an alarming rate. The issue of farmers’ suicide is brought forward only in one circumstance — for trashing others. Whether it’s trashing the ruling party or the people sympathizing with a celebrity who has committed suicide after struggling with depression for a while.
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GMO Unbiased

What is GMO? – An Unbiased Approach

The conversation about genetically modified organisms (GMO) seems to always end up in one of two places: you either end up listening to “Frankenfood” hysteria or to the lip service of biased companies involved in the use of genetic engineering technologies. There is hardly ever any room made for an unbiased view on the subject. Here is an unbiased rundown of what genetic modification is, the technology’s relevance to our society, and what the science says about the risks of using genetic engineering. Read more