Video Games Gamer Stereotype

Video Games as a Hobby: Debunking the Gamer Stereotype

The gamer stereotype. People who play video games – aptly dubbed “gamers” – are everywhere. Carefully hidden, of course, as they are experts when it comes to stealth. Gamers are actually just like you; although, unlike you, they might be hiding a Minecraft t-shirt under their day to day office attire. But, just like you, they’re waiting for their order at the coffee shop or looking busy in the cubicle across from you at work. Many of them don’t often announce to the world that they are gamers because when they do, they get weird looks and long silences, which makes the agonizing wait for their mochaccinos seem even longer and more awkward than usual.
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Gambling, Gaming and Loot Boxes

Gaming and Loot Boxes: What is Gambling Anyway?

If you’re a gamer, or in any way afflicted with gaming, you may have heard the words loot boxes and gambling a lot recently. In fact, you may have heard a lot of consumers scream GAMBLING at publishers while the publishers and rating boards screamed NOT AT ALL GAMBLING back at them.
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