Gig Economy Latin America

Digitizing Latin American: Gig Economy in Developing Countries

As the internet and smart technologies have gone from military issues to penetrating all daily affairs, the World has changed a lot. Even the labor sector has experienced amazing transformations as new platforms have influenced work relations. We are taking a look at the gig economy in Latin America.
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Freelancer work in Thailand

How the Internet Has Changed the Way We Work and Earn

Around five years ago, I was a starry-eyed new graduate, ready to take on the world! But wait, is this what I had signed up for? I would get up early, get to the subway (what New York City calls its metro system), wait about 5 minutes to get on because of all the people, then sit at a desk all day to work a job I really couldn’t care less about. I thought to myself that there had to be a better way.
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Freelancing freelancer

The Gig Economy, Freelancing, and You

Sometimes it feels like it’s hard to make a difference with your job. You’re working for someone else, and they end up making the lion’s share of the profits while you’re paid a fraction of your worth. If you could only start freelancing and be your own boss as a freelancer.
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