Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs: Solving the Hot Dog Food Riddle

Foodgasm has found a new shape, thanks to the delectable meaty cylinders called Hot Dogs. This darling grab-a-bite snack of westerners is slowly crawling its way into the tummies of fast food lovers across the globe. But did you ever wonder about what goes into making this sandwich-burrito hybrid?
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Nanotechnology: Miniature Science

Nanotechnology – The world we live in is full of imperfections, in a sense of natural occurrences we can never control. There are degenerative diseases and artificial facades that can be toppled over by nature that also require extreme manual maintenance regardless of how hard we worked on them.
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GMO: A Never-Ending Nightmare

GMO… for some, these three letters are as terrifying as a Great White Shark swimming towards them at top speed and for others, they’re the solution to the world’s food supply problem. It’s 2016, it’s been nearly two decades since GMO made their first appearance, and not only are they still controversial, they’ve also taken control over an integral part of our agriculture.
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Permaculture: A Global Movement Towards Food Security

Permaculture, a system of sustainable agriculture popularized in the 1980’s, is rapidly becoming a vital part of the solution to food security. In their 2016 report, the FAO recently explained that without significant changes to the way we produce our food, millions more people will be at risk of hunger.
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