Right-wing populism

Left vs. Right — Why Right-Wing Populism is Winning the Fight

Looking at the past two years, it is uncanny that right-wing parties have been on the rise, especially those situated at the far end of the political spectrum. While some, including the opposing parties, seem gravely concerned at this development, the question is not necessarily why right-wing parties can get more votes in elections. The question we have to ask is why are left-wing parties failing?
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Information and News from Europe

Europe – A landmass, a collective of nations, a union and one of the biggest domestic markets in the world. The continent symbolizes a plethora of things for different people. For some it may resemble a paradise of milk and honey, others see a deeply divided continent put to the test by economic and humanitarian challenges that will inevitably change its social and political landscape.
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Calais Jungle Children

Actor and activist Maisie Williams has an urgent message about the hundreds of refugee children stuck in the camp in Calais, France.

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International Romani Day 2016

April 8th is the International Romani Day, a day to celebrate Romani culture and raise awareness of the issues that Romani people face. Alina Serba shares her thought about being an “Invisible Roma”.
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The Presevo Crossing

The number of refugees and migrants arriving in Greece passed the half million mark a month ago. The majority will take a path going from Greece, to Macedonia and then onward through Serbia. At the border point of Presevo, Serbia, they must go through a registration process before they are allowed to continue their journey.
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