Europe: North vs South – One Union, Two Sides

What makes Europe beautiful is the vast diversity of cultures and lifestyles. You can visit any country in Europe and you will experience different languages, monuments, different people, cuisines, temperaments etc… Wanna see monuments? Visit Italy and Rome. Wanna taste some good food? Visit France and Paris. Wanna hear beautiful music? Visit Vienna. You get the point. We are a multicultural union and therein lies our strength as people of Europe.
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Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron: The Least Worst Option for France?

Emmanuel Macron has been through an eventful year of campaigning as an independent candidate with his newly formed party En Marche. And, rest assured, it will probably be a successful one. It seems no one in and around France really doubts that Emmanuel Macron will defeat Marine Le Pen in the second electoral vote on Sunday, but we’ve been wrong before and we might be wrong again.
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EU - European Union

Generation Wreckingball: Millenials Destroy the European Union?

Time can be a cruel foe, it changes everything big and small inevitably. This goes for anyone, for people, for relationships, for countries, even for the constructs we created and relied upon for many years. And nowhere has this been more apparent than in the development of the European Union. Is the current generation, we Millenials, about to destroy the European Union?
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Germany in 2017 – Shining Beacon or Fractured Nation?

Germany is a nation of many things, known for its food and culture, its cars and exports and its key role within the European Union. The country is not known , owever, to be currently able to deal well with rising tensions created by a variety of different sources from outside and within. Apparently, they’re not known for having a sense of humor either, which is not entirely true, they do chuckle occasionally when comparing their public healthcare system to that of the US.
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The People Behind the Brexit

One of the most earthshaking events in world history has happened just this summer: The UK voted to leave the European Union. Most of the world is still reeling, trying to figure out how in the world to react to what is happening in Europe right now.
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From Minsk with Love

Belarus is a nation plagued with political suppression, and a leader determined to persevere his reign with an iron fist. In 2005 the Bush administration notably labelled Belarus’s Alexander Lukashenko “Europe’s last dictator”.
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