Information and News from Europe

Europe – A landmass, a collective of nations, a union and one of the biggest domestic markets in the world. The continent symbolizes a plethora of things for different people. For some it may resemble a paradise of milk and honey, others see a deeply divided continent put to the test by economic and humanitarian challenges that will inevitably change its social and political landscape.
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Turkey and Erdogan

Tyrannical Turkey: Slipping Deeper into Despotism

Turkey is now a totalitarian state and no longer a representative democracy. Erdogan has, in essence, become a dictator and now has virtually unlimited power. There is no doubt that he is going to cast forth opposition parties and probably do away with what is currently the Turkish legislative system in favour of a one-party state. Unfortunately, the leaders of many western nations give him a pass on this; let’s have a look at the evidence.
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