Why are Bird Populations Plummeting

Why Are Bird Populations Plummeting?

Why are bird populations plummeting? – This is a major question that must be put in the spotlight. It is an emerging issue in today’s world where every human being is running in the race for development and technology, without caring about the negative effects of our development on nature, natural resources and especially on the animal habitats of this planet.
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Industrial Deforestation

The Environmental Impacts of Industrial Deforestation

The desperate need of land for agricultural purposes, urban development, and industrial expansions is bringing untold adversity upon our planet and threatening our continuous existence. Industrial deforestation is harming our globe in more ways than you might know.
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Industrial Pollution

The Hazards and Impacts of Industrial Pollution

In the early 90’s, with the start of the industrial revolution, people started to think differently. Science became more advanced and technology developed swiftly. At that time, industries were at a small level and consisted of the factories that produced carbon emissions as the main pollutant. While industrial pollution wasn’t a big topic back then, we can now accurately assess how harmful it all turned out to be.
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Permaculture: A Global Movement Towards Food Security

Permaculture, a system of sustainable agriculture popularized in the 1980’s, is rapidly becoming a vital part of the solution to food security. In their 2016 report, the FAO recently explained that without significant changes to the way we produce our food, millions more people will be at risk of hunger.
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Our Waste is Really Wasting Us

Human waste when not treated properly is actually wasting us. It brings us on the verge of a disaster and a sanitation crisis in the making. The price of improper sanitation is not only paid by ourselves, but also by our future generations. We fail to acknowledge that sanitation really matters.
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The Corporate Reconquering of the West: Brutality, Bravado, and Bias at the DAPL

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), also known as the Bakken Pipeline, spans 1,172 miles – from the Bakken oil fields in northwest North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. The $3.7 billion project boasts job creation, the safe and cost-effective transportation of oil, and environmental protection by reducing train and truck transportation.
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