How Plastic and Phthalates are Killing us and the Planet

Plastic is one of the favorite substances in the industrial world. It’s electricity proof, can be molded into whatever shape you desire, and it does not cost much. However, according to its critics and many studies, plastic has dire effects that touch upon human health and the environment. What are these effects? And Is there an alternative?
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upcycling consumerism

Upcycling: Striking Consumerism at its Root

Did you check out the latest report on where your economy would stand in the year 2050? Well, let’s not get too intellectual about it and simply put have you ever wondered how many items on your weekly shopping list you can do without? Most shopping lists have at the very least one item that got there solely because of Consumerism! But how can we tackle our consumerism behaviors? Maybe Upcycling is the answer to that questions.
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Earth has fallen

Can The Earth Handle Our Standard of Living?

We have a problem with our planet earth. First, the good news. There are tons of people, of many different races and backgrounds and types. The bad news? Many of those people are in love with technology that is very bad for the planet as a whole.
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Electric Cars Emissions

Electric Cars Emissions – It Can’t Get Worse, Can It?

Since the dawn of mankind the human race has kept evolving, making its mark on planet earth in more ways than one, some of which weren’t exactly harmless to the world we happen to walk or, in this case, drive upon. One of which are cars. Unfortunately, electric cars don’t necessarily have fewer emissions, so they are not an immediate solution to the problem.
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GMO: A Never-Ending Nightmare

GMO… for some, these three letters are as terrifying as a Great White Shark swimming towards them at top speed and for others, they’re the solution to the world’s food supply problem. It’s 2016, it’s been nearly two decades since GMO made their first appearance, and not only are they still controversial, they’ve also taken control over an integral part of our agriculture.
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