Clean Coal?

Clean Coal: How Lobbyists Undermined US Interests for Profit

During the 2016 U.S. election, Donald Trump stood on the podium during a rally in West Virginia. Trump had chosen West Virginia, historically an epicenter for coal production, to unleash his full support for what he perceived as an ‘American’ energy source. In front of the screaming crowd, he donned a coal miners hat and gave a vague series of talking points on his support of coal.
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Earth has fallen

Can The Earth Handle Our Standard of Living?

We have a problem with our planet earth. First, the good news. There are tons of people, of many different races and backgrounds and types. The bad news? Many of those people are in love with technology that is very bad for the planet as a whole.
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Nanotechnology: Miniature Science

Nanotechnology – The world we live in is full of imperfections, in a sense of natural occurrences we can never control. There are degenerative diseases and artificial facades that can be toppled over by nature that also require extreme manual maintenance regardless of how hard we worked on them.
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