Cyber sex and child abuse in the Philippines

Cyber Sex and Child Abuse in the Philippines

The Philippines has been dealing with poverty since the day I opened my eyes, and most likely will still until the day I’ll close them. People here are starting to feel hopeless because there is an obvious line between the rich and the poor. But is poverty enough reason for people to be sexually abused? To exploit them and eventually neglect their self-worth to earn as quickly as possible?
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Is the Tampon Tax on its Way Out?

Among all the 50 states in the US, only five are not imposing sales tax on Tampons, a female hygiene product, and due to several campaigns, just seven more are considering abolishment of the so called Tampon Tax or what females call the “period tax.”
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Mutual Funds: The 13 Trillion Lie

Mutual Funds: The $13 Trillion Lie

Your retirement savings are an important thing to think about at any age; it’s the only reason we work, after all. It used to be so easy to retire. There were plenty of pension options that were available to the average worker, providing a secure income for life while they lasted. Now we have mutual funds. But what are those and are they legit?
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The Payday Loan Scam

You think everything is going well, and then your car breaks down. Next thing you know, your dog’s become sick and you’re about to face a hefty bill from the vet. It’s going to cost a couple hundred to fix, and payday isn’t coming until next week.
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3D Printing: How Does It Change the Future?

Before 3D printing became known as it is now, people used to call it additive manufacturing. The first additive manufacturing tools were developed as early as in the 1980s, which means that the idea of creating a three-dimensional object with the help of a digital file came to man earlier than most people think.
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