The Corporatization of College

Education is a key part of the American dream, theoretically available to those who work hard enough. Self-motivation and having an industrious attitude toward study is promoted as the ticket to a better life, with the “git ‘r done” mindset as present in education as outside of it.
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Gwadar Port

What Does Gwadar Port Offer to the World?

Gwadar port is a hot cake these days in international politics. You must have received the whiff at least if not the cake itself. The port holds controversy as well as agreement. It is agreeable for states that are going to benefit from it while the controversy is roused by states whose interests are jeopardized with the development of the Gwadar port.
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Mica mining in India

Mica Mining Minors: The Child Labor in your Makeup Kit

Most women find makeup kits necessary, added color in their face makes them appear more presentable and more beautiful. No wonder the demand for these tints produce more product lines and the options we have become limitless — as well as the demand for one of the makeup’s finest ingredient, the mica earth mineral.
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The Greek Economy Crisis is NOT Greece’s Fault

In recent years, Greece has gone further and further down the tubes where the economy is concerned. After being forced to default on massive loans from European banks and the European Union’s ever-increasing pressure on Greece to bring the economy back up to levels high enough to pay back the loans, the country is simply unable to catch a break.
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Qatar in the UK

The United Kingdom… of Qatar?

Exports from Qatar to the United Kingdom have achieved a remarkable increase during the year 2015, as it witnessed an increase in the volume of liquefied natural gas deliveries by 12% to set a record of 9.146 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas.
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