Europe: North vs South – One Union, Two Sides

What makes Europe beautiful is the vast diversity of cultures and lifestyles. You can visit any country in Europe and you will experience different languages, monuments, different people, cuisines, temperaments etc… Wanna see monuments? Visit Italy and Rome. Wanna taste some good food? Visit France and Paris. Wanna hear beautiful music? Visit Vienna. You get the point. We are a multicultural union and therein lies our strength as people of Europe.
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upcycling consumerism

Upcycling: Striking Consumerism at its Root

Did you check out the latest report on where your economy would stand in the year 2050? Well, let’s not get too intellectual about it and simply put have you ever wondered how many items on your weekly shopping list you can do without? Most shopping lists have at the very least one item that got there solely because of Consumerism! But how can we tackle our consumerism behaviors? Maybe Upcycling is the answer to that questions.
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Taiwan and One China

Taiwan: Challenging the One China Policy

The One China policy reflects the Chinese government’s commitment that there is only one Chinese government on this planet. This policy strictly defines that any country which is going to have official diplomatic relations with China must have to break its relations with Taiwan, otherwise China would break ties with that country.
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Freelancing freelancer

The Gig Economy, Freelancing, and You

Sometimes it feels like it’s hard to make a difference with your job. You’re working for someone else, and they end up making the lion’s share of the profits while you’re paid a fraction of your worth. If you could only start freelancing and be your own boss as a freelancer.
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Bay of Bengal

The Bay of Bengal: The Arms Race

South Asia is one of richest regions in the world due to its wealth of minerals, beautiful climate, a variety of products, the manufacturing sector, and industries. This region is divided into the world’s three rapidly developing countries: Pakistan, China, and India. And the focus is on the Bay of Bengal.
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Cuba 2020: Cold War Relic or Rumblings of Change?

Cuba – There’s one thing we can all agree on about Fidel Castro: The fact that not everyone will ever view him the same way. Musicians and public figures lauded him for his revolutionary spirit; Tom Morello comes to mind here. But then again, when is the Rage Against the Machine guitarist NOT saying something controversial? Even the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn’t have too much bad to say against Castro; he said little of the horrific human rights violations committed under Castro’s regime.
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Private Prisons Business Model

Private Prisons: A Business Model

In America, there are over two million people in the American prison system. Many companies such as GEO Group, and The Corrections Corporation of America, make vast amounts of money with having private prisons filled. These 3rd party prison’s intentions are not for the rehabilitation of the inmates, or reducing crime, but rather to create profit.
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Industrial Deforestation

The Environmental Impacts of Industrial Deforestation

The desperate need of land for agricultural purposes, urban development, and industrial expansions is bringing untold adversity upon our planet and threatening our continuous existence. Industrial deforestation is harming our globe in more ways than you might know.
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